Washington State Ridesharing Organization  

Founded in 1988, WSRO is a group of ridesharing professionals in Washington state whose mission is to encourage policy makers, employers and commuters to support the use of transportation alternatives to driving alone. Our goal is to reduce air pollution, traffic congestion and energy consumption throughout our state and the Pacific Northwest. WSRO was incorporated as a 501c(6) non-profit organization in 1989.

WSRO offers its members opportunities to meet on a regular basis and discuss transportation issues, as well as build relationships between public and private organizations. WSRO also develops and provides its members promotional and marketing materials about ridesharing.

We sponsor two learning conferences each year: a spring conference held in western Washington, and another during the fall in eastern Washington. In recent years, we've reached out to our regional neighbors and co-sponsored joint workshops in Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, British Columbia. In 1991, we created our Recognition Award to honor those individuals, groups or organizations which exemplify the commitment to our mission and the concept of ridesharing.

We've evolved during the past 20 years to include transportation demand management (TDM) specialists from a range of public- and private-sector professions at the local, regional and state level. Whether your focus is advocacy, policy implementation or planning development (or all three!), if you promote the use of sustainable transportation and planning options, we'd love for you to join us!

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