About Anna

I am a low-vision mom and nondriver who was born with the neurological condition nystagmus. Since launching the Disability Mobility Initiative (DMI) at Disability Rights Washington in 2020, I have worked to bring the voices of nondrivers to the planning and policy-making tables. Through DMI, I have built a 200-person nondriver storymap, compiled the expertise in these stories into a groundbreaking research paper that I presented to the AASHTO Board, and launched a #WeekWithoutDriving challenge for elected leaders to understand what it’s like to get around without driving themselves. I represent disabled nondrivers on the Washington State Active Transportation Council, Autonomous Vehicle Work Group and Transit Demand Management Executive Board, and I currently serve as the equity and accessibility expert on NHTSA’s Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Program Assessment teams for Kentucky and Maryland.

Updated 2020
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