WSRO 2016 Fall Conference

  • 09 Oct 2016
  • 4:30 PM
  • 11 Oct 2016
  • 2:30 PM
  • Marriot Courtyard, Richland, WA


  • WSRO or non-WSRO member
  • WSRO Board Authorization required
  • Early bird registration for WSRO members. NOW Available through Friday, Sept. 9, 2016.
  • WSRO Board authorization required

Registration is closed

Join us Oct 9-11 in Richland, Wash., for the 2016 WSRO Fall Conference!

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Registration questions?
Please contact
Dawn Erickson at 425-257-8806

Hotel Information?
Group rate for Washington State Ridesharing Organization (WSRO) - you may also call the hotel direct at 509.942.9400 and refer to the $96 group rate/WSRG for the WSRO conference by Sept. 9 cut-off date.    

We expect to post the conference DRAFT agenda soon - please check out a preview of two of the amazing speakers we will host during this fall's conference:

David Kroodsma - founder of Ride for Climate - has logged more than 30,000 miles of loaded bicycle touring. He has worked as a climate journalist, as a consultant for philanthropy, and as a climate researcher. In 2009, he won an international competition to represent Hopenhagen at the climate conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, and write for the Huffington Post. David holds a B.S. in physics and an M.S. in interdisciplinary environmental science from Stanford University. Ride for Climate started in the fall of 2005, when David Kroodsma left his climate research job at Stanford and bicycled solo to Tierra del Fuego. As he traveled, he presented on climate change, appeared in media in 16 countries, and wrote about what climate change means for the places he biked through. This trip was the subject of his book, The Bicycle Diaries, published in 2014. Anyone can go on a Ride for Climate - this isn't an organization, but an idea.

Mary Williams -  founder of Rebels by Bus, advocates who support and inspire you to use public transportation in the greater Puget Sound area. Taking the bus is easy, fun and costs much less than driving your vehicle. According to the National Safety Council, bus travel is 25 times safer than car travel. And how about those parking costs! Traveling on the bus is also a bit of a rebellion – as if by getting out of our cars, we are declaring our independence from oil and the culture that says we must rush, rush, rush around. The bus rides themselves are also a wonderful way to get a different perspective about life and the benefits of going more slowly. It is also a gentle reminder that people are helpful and friendly no matter where you go.

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