2012 WSRO Spring Conference: Adapting to a Changing Environment Submitted by Jennifer Hass, TDM Supervisor, Community Transit

24 May 2012 2:16 PM | Deleted user

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend the WSRO 2012 Spring Conference.  Many thanks to the WSRO Board for accepting my scholarship application.

The speakers were great!  I especially enjoyed Andrew Austin and his political commentary on local, state and federal issues.  I found his perspective, and the humor he used to deliver it, both interesting and educational.  I also enjoyed listening to Todd Litman’s presentations, and gained valuable insight into the world of accessibility and how it can complement mobility.  His use of funny pictures and commentary during his presentation on Parking Management Strategies was a pleasant way to explain what can be a data-heavy topic. 

I found the session from Dr. Andrew Dannenberg, University of Washington, to be very eye-opening.  The health of a community has a direct impact on transportation and transportation choices, and the trends he depicted are both intriguing and a bit scary at the same time.

I have always valued the WSRO organization and what it provides to its members, and this conference was definitely one of the best I’ve attended.  The variety of speakers and topics was well orchestrated, and the food was scrumptious!

Thank you, WSRO Board, for all of your time and effort that was spent developing this conference.  I believe those in attendance will integrate ideas and themes they discovered to further their professional success.  I look forward to more great conferences!

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