2012 WSRO Spring Conference Submitted by Sue Masel

04 May 2012 11:43 AM | Deleted user

WSRO Spring Conference 2012

Thank you so much to the WSRO Board for accepting my scholarship request and allowing me the opportunity to attend the WSRO 2012 Spring Conference. 

The speakers, the location, even the food, everything was fabulous.  Everything was very organized and I really appreciate you staying right on schedule for both days, that’s not easy to do.

I really enjoyed Todd Litman’s presentation.  He was a great speaker and kept everyone interested the whole way through.  I came back to work after the conference and looked up his website and got even more gems but my favorite was one line in his presentation, “Creating paradise in our own communities”, it has just stuck with me.  His presentation, “The future Isn’t What it Used to Be” really makes me think about the things I do and don’t do on a daily basis and about how we can incorporate his ideas into our programs at my office.  Thanks Todd!

While I also enjoyed the  “Social Media Marketing for TDM” presentation with Jillian Derscheid but I’m a bit biased since I work with her and she’s as amazing at work as she was in her presentation.  She’s a wealth of knowledge and we at Community Transit are lucky to have her.

I think out of all of the speakers my favorite was  “Change Happens, What do I want to Become?”  Brian Lagerberg.  He’s a great presenter and I absolutely love his sense of humor.  He’s always a treat to get to listen to.  We immediately started talking about how we could incorporate “Moving Washington” into our agency.

And of course, last but not least “Keep the Change” by Dorothy Wilhelm.  I actually saw her about 13 years ago at a conference and she is always such a treat and so funny.  She was a great end to a fabulous conference with a reminder that sometimes, it’s important to just take a minute to laugh.

Great job WSO and thanks again!

Sue Masel

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