The Washington State Ride Sharing Organization is excited to announce the theme for the 2021 WSRO Conference...

Mark your calendars for September 20 - 21!

The 2021 WSRO conference will be held virtually with conference seminars on Monday and Tuesday! This year’s conference is about growing past the grey state of unease we currently find ourselves in and looking towards a brighter colorful future in the world of TDM.

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Registration is Now Open!

Why “Transportation in Technicolor”? Technicolor was a major advancement in filming history, it’s first use in 1916, but one of it’s most notable uses was in the movie “Wizard of Oz”. When Dorthey Gale traveled over the rainbow and left a grey world behind for a more colorful one. This is the perfect metaphor for what we’ve gone through in 2020 and what we hope for in 2021. Along with the fact that we’re always working towards advancing transportation options is the idea that the way each person commutes is as diverse as the colors of the rainbow.

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