Adventure Inspired by Evergreen Conference Session 'Think Outside the Bike'

08 May 2015 2:37 PM | Victoria Tobin (Administrator)

Did you have a highlight of the conference you'd like to share?

A favorite of mine was (Evergreen State College) Scott Morgan's session on 'Thinking Outside the Bike' where he shared his insight into making biking or other active commuting a part of the way you get around everyday - think about making each day, each commute an ADVENTURE. Well, I took what Scott said to heart and rode to the Park & Ride on a bicycle this week for the first time ever. Adventurous? For me, totally. Just getting on a bicycle is a big feat as I am not that comfortable riding around on two wheels. So I commuted twice this week for just a bit over a mile I'm taking baby steps...or is that baby wheels?

So how about you? Any conference highlights you want to share?


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